Team photo of Judith Wintersetin and Kathrin Ankele

About us – sustainability in practice is our concern

Who we are

Sustainability means change—for us as well. After various professional stations, we have taken the next step together to form deep forward. With a sharpened profile and high consulting quality.

We bring to the table many years of professional experience in applied research, business, and governmental and non-governmental organisations working on sustainable development and in sustainability consulting; our strengths include distinctive intercultural competences and foreign language skills, which we use in international projects.

Our extensive network of contacts in business, NGOs, academia and politics is available to support you with sound technical, process and methodological know-how. As both sparring partners and coaches, we are at your disposal to help you master the change processes that anchoring sustainability entails. The creative, participatory processes and workshops we offer, using methods such as Future Workshop and World Café, will allow you to successfully engage stakeholders, develop new and effective ideas, and work through problems constructively.

Dipl. Biol. Kathrin Ankele

Dipl. Biol. Kathrin Ankele

2017KODE® Licence Trainer
20112011 – 2013 Organisational and Structural Constellation at ISA Berlin
1993Graduation as “Environmental Protection Expert Europe” at EPS Bonn
1991Degree in biology
2021deep forward: Senior Consultant, Coach and Partner
2013SUSTAINUM Consulting: Until 2022 Senior consultant and Co-founder
2012WWF Germany: Until June 2015 Head of the strategic partnership for sustainability between WWF and EDEKA
20132013/2014/2015 University of St. Gallen: Visiting Lecturer within the framework of the Executive MBA Compliance & Corporate Governance.
2012Winter semester 2011/2012 Berlin School of Economics and Law (HWR): Visiting Lecturer in the module “CSR / Sustainability Management” in the Master’s programme Sustainability and Quality Management
2011Winter semester 2010/2011 and 2011/2012 HWR: Visiting Lecturer in the module “Management Systems for Environment and Sustainability
2010SUSTAINUM Institute: Until 2013 Senior Consultant
2006Vodafone Germany: Until 2009 Senior Manager Corporate Responsibility
2004DIN e.V.: Until 2006 Member of Working Committee 1 “Social Responsibility of Organisations”
2000IÖW: Until 2006 Head of research field “Corporate Environmental Management”
2001Summer semester 2000 and 2001 Free University of Berlin: Visiting Lecturer in the seminar series “Corporate Environmental Management”
1994Institute for Ecological Economy Research (IÖW), non-profit: Until 2000 Staff member in the research field “Corporate Environmental Management”
Dipl. Pol. Judith Winterstein

Dipl. Pol. Judith Winterstein

2018Systemic Life and Business Coach (ECA certified)
2017Advanced training in Change Management
2006Diploma in Political Science with focus on Environmental and International Politics
2021deep forward: Senior Consultant, Coach and Partner
2017SUSTAINUM Consulting: Until 2022 Senior Consultant, Coach and Partner
2012WWF Germany: Until 2017 Project Manager Sustainable Supply Chains in the framework of the strategic partnership between WWF and EDEKA
2012Biodiversity in Good Company: Project manager for the strategic development of the corporate initiative
2007Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH: Until 2012 Project Manager and Consultant on Biodiversity Management in Corporate Supply Chains, Ecosystem Services, International Environmental Policy and Economic Reconstruction and Microfinance Post-Tsunami Indonesia
2005Adelphi Research gGmbH: Until 2007 Research Assistant Environment and Conflict


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