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Climate strategy - avoid and adapt

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Effective climate protection and adaptation to the consequences of climate change have long since become a necessity. But what specifically can you or your business do? And what about appropriate climate targets? We can support you in developing a climate strategy that takes into account the scientific and regulatory status quo and looks at both the risks and the opportunities for your organisation.

Our services at a glance

  • Compilation of a corporate carbon footprint
  • Realisation of climate risk and opportunity analyses as required for your own operations, direct suppliers, raw material cultivation or extraction, processing stages (tier 2 and others), and for transitory and financial risks
  • Development of climate targets (scope 1, 2 and 3) meeting scientific requirements

  • Development of a climate strategy to implement the climate targets, with measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, with responsibilities and resources
  • Integration into the sustainability management
  • Internal and external reporting, including preparation of reporting requirements (requirements matrix), establishment of standards-compliant monitoring and reporting processes, responsibilities, and competences

You can choose the modules separately or together, depending on your needs. In a preliminary discussion, we will clarify your consulting needs and present our approach.

Step by step to your climate strategy

The starting point for our work is a solid database. We prepare a carbon footprint for your company in accordance with the requirements of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol corporate standard as well as your company structure and needs.

Developing climate targets, …

There is scientific consensus that global warming must be reduced to a maximum of 1.5 degrees Celsius by 2050 if the most serious consequences of climate change are to be averted. We will help you to develop appropriate climate targets in scopes 1, 2 and 3 for your organisation.

In doing so, we follow the guidelines of the Science Based Target Initiative (SBTI), which provides specific reduction paths; we also include sector-specific initiatives.

… implementing measures, …

At the heart of any climate strategy is the specification and implementation of measures to be taken to achieve the requisite climate goals. In an iterative process, we will jointly develop these for each field of action, be it in the area of energy supply, energy efficiency, raw materials procurement or cooperation with central suppliers. These are measures to be realized in your own businesses and at upstream and downstream stages, in line with an environmental due diligence, in the supply chains.

The implementation of the climate strategy is an integral part of sustainability management. We will jointly review with you whether responsibilities, competencies and processes need to be adapted for the implementation of the climate strategy.

… and reporting.

Carbon footprint and climate strategy are important components of internal and external reporting, for example within the framework of the CDP or a sustainability report prepared according to the German Sustainability Code (DNK), GRI or the CSRD and the ESRS.

We will assess the requirements of relevant standards and show you how to process them efficiently with monitoring and reporting processes.

Knob labeled C02 is manually moved between maximum and minimum