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Sustainable Supply Chains - due diligence for human rights and environment

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Are you affected by recent changes in legislation or concerned about securing the procurement of your raw materials now and in the future? In any case, the socially and environmentally responsible configuration of your supply and service chains is an important step. We will work with you in an iterative process to develop a tailor-made strategy for sustainable supply chain management. Our experience shows that every company needs its own solutions, solutions that are tailored to its specific products, processes, and supplier structures.

Our services at a glance

  • Free consultation with a concise overview of the legal requirements and clarification of how we can support you in the further development of sustainable supply chain management
  • Analysis and assessment of your initial situation (gap analysis)
  • Preparation of social (human rights) and environmental opportunity and risk analyses
  • Joint development of a roadmap with key areas of action, goals, and measures
  • Support in the implementation of remedial and risk mitigation measures
  • Advice on the introduction of a sustainability risk management system
  • Advice on the introduction of a sustainability risk management system
  • Advice on various sustainability certification standards as a risk prevention measure, e.g. implementation of standard comparisons or preparation of corporate standards
  • Support in the conception and introduction of a complaint-handling mechanism
  • Joint development of practical and pilot projects, including development of targets, indicators, measures, and monitoring processes, whose implementation we can also manage if required
  • Training for a better understanding of sustainable supply chains for key actors in your company, e. g. buyers
  • Support for internal and external reporting, e.g. preparation of reporting requirements, establishment of standards-compliant monitoring and reporting processes and other communication measures

The use of these service-modules is of course flexible.

The regulatory environment

Reporting standards such as the German Sustainability Code (DNK), CDP, or the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) formulate various requirements for companies with regard to sustainable supply chain strategies and management. However, companies are also increasingly required by law to align their supply and service chains sustainably, e.g. through the European Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive CSRD, the German Supply Chain Due Dilligence Act (LkSG) or the European Supply Chain Directive CSDDD. The latter reached a further milestone in December 2023 with the agreement between the Council and Parliament on its adoption, which is now expected in the course of 2024.

The requirements include, among others, a declaration of principles, the analysis of environmental and human rights and/or social risks, but also opportunities in various stages of the value chain, the development and implementation of prevention and mitigation measures, the introduction of a grievance mechanisms, documentation and reporting routines, the implementation of an ongoing due diligence management system.

A broad range of expertise

Our many years of experience in the field of sustainable supply and service chains include expertise in environmental and social issues. This includes water, climate, soil, biodiversity, pesticide & chemical management and waste on the one hand and human rights, ILO core labour standards, and other social standards on the other. We also offer process know-how to successfully implement complex, transdisciplinary international projects.

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