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Evaluation – learn and improve

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Are you implementing sustainability measures or projects and would like to know whether the results and the resources used are in proportion to each other? Or would you like an external view of a committee’s work, your organisational structures or processes? We will be happy to carry out such an external evaluation for you.

Our services at a glance

  • Development of context-specific evaluation criteria, indicators and evaluation systems, as necessary in accordance with the OECD’s DAC criteria or other evaluation systems
  • Development of structured or semi-structured interview questionnaires
  • Assessment of qualitative and quantitative data
  • Assurance of data quality (obtaining information from as many different sources as possible and evaluating it using various methods)
  • Conducting interviews and/or written surveys
  • Preparation and moderation of evaluation workshops
  • Production of evaluation reports and presentations, including lessons learnt and recommendations
  • Support in the creation or further development of structural and organisational principles

Why an external evaluation?

What is the relationship between the impact of a project and its objectives? Public funding agencies and project promoters insist upon external (mid-term) evaluations as a fixed requirement for awarding contracts. But with committees, strategies, programmes, projects and processes, too, the question often arises as to their effectiveness and efficiency. An external evaluation supports you in optimising or redefining processes, measures and impact indicators; improving cooperation or possibly uncovering problems and conflict issues.

The evaluation will show you whether content-related goals are being achieved and whether human and financial resources have been used correctly. But at the same time, it is also an important learning tool for you in the ongoing process: the results can be used to optimize or readjust parameters if a programme or project has veered from the intended target path.

Experience counts

With the help of well-established (mid-term) evaluations, we can assess the effectiveness of your strategy, programme or projects at different points in time. We use various survey and analysis methods to gather and validate information. Depending on the context, we will as necessary adapt our evaluation tools to your questions and situation.

We have many years of experience in the development and application of evaluation methods in national and international contexts, both for content-related objectives and for programmatic and structural situations.

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